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Best Travel Company Winners 2021




Travel Matters is a multi-award-winning London-based independent travel company. It focuses on offering high-quality holidays that have a positive rather than a negative impact on destinations, communities and the environment, while educating customers about sustainable travel choices.


The company was commended in the 2020 World Responsible Tourism Awards’ Fundraising category, and it’s the founder of the educational campaign Make Travel Matter. This aims to encourage travellers and other travel companies to champion responsible travel.


Travel Matters has signed up to the ‘Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency’ declaration and shares best practices with other signatories. Through its partnership with Trees for Cities, a tree is planted for each holiday it sells, and it also supports many other sustainable tourism schemes and campaigns, such as the Future for Tourism Coalition. Its partnership with sustainability engagement experts Jump encourages clients and partners to monitor and reduce their carbon footprint, and it strives to keep its own operations as sustainable as possible. It was the first travel company to begin using the Net Zero Challenge, a digital sustainability engagement tool provided by Jump. This motivates employees to practise carbon emission-reducing behaviours emissions individually and as an organisation, awarding ‘Green Points’ that participants can exchange for vouchers and donations to green charities.


All of this underscores the tenacity of their sustainability mission and why Travel Matters are a worthy winner of this year's Safe & Sustainable Tourism Award.







Founded in 2012, Much Better Adventure’s goal was to be “the world’s most positive impact adventure company,” aiming “to protect the world’s wild places, one adventure at a time.”


The UK company arranges hassle-free, exciting, authentic and sustainable outdoor adventures through local services and guides, and its own sustainability measures are admirable. It has a carbon reduction plan and reports on its footprint annually. 5% of its revenues go into its Much Better Foundation, which supports conservation and reforestation projects that can remove at least 2 times more carbon than the company’s trips create. During the pandemic, the Foundation diverted funds to support local partners and their families worldwide.


Much Better Adventures only works with local, independent businesses, ensuring local economies receive around $80 of every $100 spent, and collaborates with non-profits, NGOs and conservationists to support important campaigns and create trips that ‘make a difference’. It aims to become a certified B Corp soon, committed to high, verified standards of sustainability, transparency, and legal accountability. Every trip will have a published local economic impact score and a link to a local conservation project the company supports.


The company is also determined to move the travel industry towards a more sustainable future. It co-founded and leads the Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency initiative, which aims to encourage all travel industry stakeholders to acknowledge the climate emergency and develop appropriate action plans.


Its commendable aspirations, industry leadership, and sense of social responsibility during the pandemic meant we were proud to give this company an award.




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